The decision to separate and/or divorce is difficult and never an easy decision to make nor taken lightly. With life altering consequences, the actions and decisions a client makes during this transitional period of time may have unintended results. The decision to retain an attorney during this life changing and transformative period is paramount. During this time of anticipation, concern, and possibly fear, look to our firm to provide representation in matters that will present themselves during this time.
Our practice offers a broad range of family law services. Among those services are the preparation of the following:

  • Premarital and Post-marital agreements

  • Separation Agreements

  • Equitable Distribution Representation

  • Child Custody Representation

  • Child Support Representation

  • Post Separation Support Representation

  • Alimony claims

Our office is frequently called on to represent clients in complex equitable distribution cases involving substantial assets. We work with the client, professional appraisers (real estate and business brokers) in determining the appropriate value of those assets and strive to preserve and assert the legal rights to those assets on behalf of our clients.
The need to look litigate these matters is sometimes necessary. While never the desired course of action, the realities are that should the active involvement of the parties fail to bring about a proper resolution to the issues presented, looking to the court to address these matters is the only course left in order to preserve the proper and appropriate rights of the client. With that in mind, we will represent your interests and ensure your rights are preserved whether that be with respect to post separation support, child custody and support determination, distribution of assets, and alimony.
Since we have the experience in the areas of Business, Real Estate, and Estates, we can provide superior service to our clients. Whether a particular need arises as a result of separation with respect to advice on business restructuring, financial restructuring, pension and IRA assets, real property transfers, and the need for a new estate plan, we can accommodate all of those needs which arise as a result of the separation and divorce.
If the equitable distribution of marital assets includes a business for example , we can represent the client in the complicated valuation process and appropriate sale, asset transfer, or appropriate business restructuring.
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Our Services

We offer the following services:

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