Estate Planning & Administration

There is no doubt having the peace of mind of a well drafted and thought out estate plan is quintessential. Having that peace of mind ensures your estates passes to the individual, association, charity, church or entity you so desire, and that those wishes are ultimately carried out.
We work with you to ensure your final wishes will be effectively and property adhered. You will have the additional peace of mind your family will not have to address the multitude of issues that may arise without the proper planning. Proper estate planning, goals and objectives, will vary from client to client. However, the following are some of the instruments and advice which our office can prepare and provide to address your specific needs.

  • Drafting of Last Wills and Testaments

  • Revocable/Irrevocable/Pour Over or Testamentary Trusts

  • Living Wills, Future Advance Directives

  • Durable or General Powers of Attorney

  • Health Care Powers of Attorney

  • Asset planning and management through the utilization of various trusts

  • Proper tax planning to minimize potential tax burdens utilizing such instruments as life insurance trusts

  • Gifting plans to implement tax savings

  • Properly address estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax exemptions

  • Address the need for family limited liability companies

  • Properly draft, create, and allow for the necessary business continuation procedures in order to preserve family business ownership and control

  • Work with your financial advisor to properly plan and implement retirement plans and IRA distributions as necessary

Planning for a disability or the “unknown” in life is often overlooked by many individuals. Proper planning for disability including health care powers and general or durable powers of attorney are valuable tools to address those “unknowns.” Without these important documents, properly drafted and executed, individuals could lose a great deal of control in various financial and health care aspects of their (daily) lives. Planning ahead and designating agents to act on your behalf will alleviate potential conflict and chaos during a time in which these documents will be needed. Making it easier on loved ones and eliminating burdens is a goal when you meet with us in order to property draft and plan for unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
Just as important as a proper and effective estate plan, is the ultimate administration of the estate. Our office takes the responsibility and duties in the administration of estates and the trust and confidence place upon us with a great deal of appreciation. We understand that in this difficult time, executors, administrators, guardians, trustees, and beneficiaries will all be relying on us to adhere to the deceased’s wishes.
Administrating an estate can be a complicated and time consuming process. Various time sensitive filings, proper procedures, and notices must be made. As such, our office will represent the estate in the proper administration from the initiating the probate proceedings, collecting the necessary documents to file for any claims, tax issues, valuations, tax filings, payment of claims, taxes, expenses and the eventual property disposition and distribution of the estate.
Experiencing a loss of a family member is a difficult and tenuous time without the time consuming and difficult task of probating an estate. Let our office assist you in these legal matters which will prevent any missteps in the process and ultimately assist and ensure you are preserving the wishes of the deceased individual.

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